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What are the Preps Doing?

The preps are currently learning to play a number of minor games after four weeks of initial floor sessions from the PMP program. This part of the program allows them to learn more about playing games in a safe manner, follow simple instructions and rules, keep active and most importantly enjoy the sessions. The games are a mixture of oldies but goodies or new games introduced. Some of these include; Rob the nest, Ball tiggy, Scarecrow tiggy, Sit down tiggy, Traffic lights, and Airports. Ask your children to explain some of these games to you. This will give them a greater understanding of what we’re doing in P. E at the moment or better yet get into the backyard and let them show you how to play some of these games. All sessions include some aspect of ball handling or hand eye co-ordination activities as this is part of a whole school focus to improve the fundamental skills of all children across the school.

Fitness Testing

20 metre sprint Alex


Grade 3, 4, 5 & 6’s are currently undergoing fitness testing as part of the Physical  Education program. The aim of the program is for children to make their own assessment on areas of fitness they are doing well in, and areas of fitness they need improvement in. The students will use the data collected to create their own personal fitness goals. They should start working towards reaching these goals over the holiday period.

The areas of fitness the children are currently being tested on are:

aerobic fitness -beep test,

Muscular strength endurance-basketball throw & maximum curl-ups (sit-ups)

Joint and muscle flexibility (sit and reach test).