Grade 5/6 Nominations & Swimming Trials

School Sport Victoria- State Nominations Grade 5 & 6




Each year, talented Victorian school students have the opportunity to trial for a place in the School Sport Victoria (SSV) Team Vic state team and participate in annual School Sport Australia (SSA) Championships. Sixty two teams are selected across twenty one sports, involving over nine hundred primary and secondary school students representing ‘Team Vic’. The sports include Australian Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Diving, Football (Soccer), Golf, Hockey, Netball, Orienteering, Rugby League, Softball, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Touch, Track and Field, Triathlon, Volleyball and Water Polo.



Although this will only impact on a selected few, it’s important that every parent understands the process that needs to be followed to nominate your child for State trials.  For sports other than Australian Rules, Soccer, Netball or Soccer, parents are responsible for registering their child and for downloading all details relating to trial dates, times, venues and costs. The website you will need to go to find all the information is

The nomination form must be signed by me before I send it to the appropriate organistaion.


Due to the high number of participants’ trialling for Australian rules, Soccer, Netball and Basketball, the existing process of schools nominating players to attend district trials, followed by progression to division, region and state trials will continue. If you have a child that is excelling in any of these sports and they have represented the sport at a high level, please see me so I can determine whether they are a suitable candidate or not.

A high level is defined by your child having played at representative or Interleague level. This is a minimum requirement and doesn’t mean the school will nominate your child. I will then need to obtain additional information from coaches, clubs, teachers and you before I decide whether it’s appropriate to nominate your child. It is worth noting that we have a restricted number of students that we can send from our district (eight schools), so we can only send the best candidates. Any queries, don’t hesitate to see me.

Cricket nominations close on the 22nd of February.






Organisation for the 2013 Swimming is well and truly underway. Students who were interested in trying out for this year’s squad met with me yesterday and were given permission notices with all the necessary information. The first trail is on next Wednesday 6th Of February at the Sunbury Aquatic Centre from 12.30pm to approximately 2.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend!

Good luck to all students who are trying out-Do your best and enjoy the afternoon!

Mr Goodyear (Sports Coordinator)



3 thoughts on “Grade 5/6 Nominations & Swimming Trials

  1. Mrs Need

    Hi MR G,
    Thanks for an awesome swimming trails it was a great day.
    Just on the nomnation form for the state team as above, I am having trouble accessing it.
    Any tips?
    Jenny n

    1. michaelgoodyear Post author

      I’m glad you had a great day Johnno! Come and see me and I’ll help you navigate around the SSV (School Sport Victoria) website. If it’s swimming you’re thinking of nominating for, I’ll need to have a chat because the state team is selected from the State Championships (which means you need to get through the District, Zone and Region finals-not beyond you).

      Mr G


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