Important Dates

Orienteering Wednesday 31st October (grades 3-6)

Kanga Cricket tournament Friday, 9th November (Grade 6 and some grade 5s)

P.A School Fun Run Wednesday, 14th November (All School)

Modified Athletics Day Monday, 26th November (Grades Prep, 1 & 2)

2 thoughts on “Important Dates

  1. Ben

    Hi Mr G,
    I’m really looking forward to Kanga Cricket tomorrow. I’m sure it’s going to be fun and exciting during the games we’re going to play. I’m really wondering whose team I’m going to be part of. Whichever team I’m in though, I’m sure I’ll still going to love the day. Hope all the teams go well on the day!

  2. jake

    Hi Mr G,
    I loved the Orienteering because it was my first and I had lots of fun, my buddy was AJ and the first map we done was map 26. At the start I thought it was going to be hard but I kinder found it a bit easy. I cut myself a few times on the thorns up in the bush but it was nothing bad. The good thing is that I had fun.
    From jake.
    P.S How is billy settling in?


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